Lil' Bugs
Children's Consignment Shop 

a children's consignment store

How it works....

You have 2 options:

1) CONSIGN:  You will receive 40% of the selling price of your items as they sell.

2) STORE CREDIT:  You will receive 50% of the selling price of your items as they sell.  The money will accrue in an account for you to spend in the store.

What do we accept.......

Clothes & Shoes:

Girls & Boys Clothing Preemie to 16

Shoes 0 to Girls/Boys Size 6


* All clothing must be freshly laundered and be free of stains, odors, snags, rips, tears, worn out knees, fading, pilling, and pet hair.

* Please bring clothing in tote or box. 

We ask this because this is the best way that all your items are secured and will not get lost before we inventory them.

(We receive several drop-offs daily)

*If you have any sets, please put them together.

*Lay clothes in container by size & Outfits.

"Winter Items"

 are accepted 

July to December

"Summer Items" 

        are accepted        

"February to June

*You want to look at your item and think, would I buy this at a store.


In a spray bottle mix one part Dawn to three parts peroxide works wonders getting stains out.  

Simply spray a small amount on the stain and gently rub in with a soft brush( toothbrush) and launder as usual

1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar added to the final laundry rinse will result in brighter and cleaner clothing colors too.

** Brands NOT accepted**


*Fisher Price


*Baby Gear



Baby Gear & Accessories

  • Strollers

    (Travel systems, double, jogging, & umbrella)

    • Exersaucers
    • Jumperoos
    • Walkers
    • Bouncer Seats
    • Baby Swings
    • Highchairs & Table Booster Seats
    • Pack-n-Plays & Play Yards
    • Baby Monitors
    • Bottle Warmers & Wipe Warmers
    • Diaper Bags
    • Baby Wraps, Carriers, & Slings
    • Bumbo Seats (must have new strap)
    • Boppy's
    • Baby Bottles & Feeding Accessories 
    • Potty Seats & Training Items
    • Safety Gates & Superyards
    • Baby Health & Safety Items

    Books, DVD's & CD's

    • Baby, Toddler & Parenting

    Car Seats: 

    Infant, Toddler & Booster

    • Car Seats must be less than 4 years old
    • You must be the original owner & certify that the carseat has not been in an auto accident.
    • Must be clean, free of stains, and tears.

    Baby & Toddler Toys

    • Learning Toys
    • Activity & Interactive Toys
    •  Games & Puzzles
    • Musical Toys
    • Pedal & Push Toys
    • Pretend Play
    • Building Sets & Blocks
    • Figures & Playsets
    • Outdoor & Ride on Toys
    • Cars, Trucks & Trains
    • Dolls & Dolls houses

    All toys must have working batteries. Items will not be taken if it does not work.

    Don't see your item on the list. Give us a call (570) 841-2022 or 

    with any questions that you may have.